What is Stevia

It is well known that sugar causes tooth decay and has been correlated with other health issues. At Discover we searched for a sugar substitute that was as smooth and as sweet-tasting, and created chocolate sweetened with Stevia.

An extract of a shrub of the sunflower family, Stevia is much sweeter than the highly refined sugar used in major brands, and so we use only a tiny amount to produce great tasting chocolate. Stevia’s main benefits over sugar are that it does not affect blood sugar levels and that it does not promote tooth decay.

Stevia was approved for human consumption in the EU in 2011. Interestingly it has been used in Japan since the 1970s and now has a 40% market share in the sweetener industry.

We use some Malititol in our chocolate aswell. Although Maltitol has similar properties to sugar it has half the calories, doesn’t promote tooth decay and has a lesser effect on blood sugar levels. It is, like stevia, a natural sweetener. As Stevia is 200x sweeter than sugar the sweetness you can taste is the bar is the Stevia not the Maltitol, which is just used to reduce the aftertaste of Stevia