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What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural, plant-based alternative to sugar, containing very few calories.
Obtained from a shrub found in North and South America, it is largely used as an ingredient to make sweeteners. Stevia is 150-300 times sweeter than sugar, and with very few calories it is recognised as a 'zero-calorie' product.
  Stevia-sweetened products are steadily on the rise due to their low sugar content; making them ideal for those with diabetes & those who are looking to cut sugars out of their diet. Visit our blog for more info.

our finest product

How Discover is made


The Cocoa

Cocoa Horizons is a not-for-profit organisation that prides itself on focusing on farmer prosperity, and building self-sustaining farms that form communities, who protect their children and surrounding nature.
Their aim is to consistently be improving and sustaining a healthy livelihood for their farmers and their families. This is encouraged through the promotion of sustainable and entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity and their community developments that protect the nature and children.


Our Flavours 

Taking risks is encouraged here at Discover, unusual flavours are part of our overall ethos.
Our bar flavours range from the classic plain Milk Chocolate to a more rough around the edges, Mango & Chilli.
Not forgetting that Discover Chocolate is also free of Palm Oil, GMO and Gluten. Whilst the cocoa comes from a strong ethical background in the Quality Partner Program. 


Our Packaging 

Discover aims to be conscious of all external impacts we could have whilst creating and distributing our bars. 
We create our craft packaging using only recycled materials, avoiding that nasty plastic and making sure to be environmentally friendly. 

our finest product

Mango and Chilli 

It takes time and effort to create a product like our Discover Bars, to do this each bar is lovingly handcrafted in the sleepy village of Lydeard St. Lawrence located in South-West.

For more information about where we come from and what we're about, visit our Blog section. From recipes to healthy ingredient benefits; our Blog has it all!

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